Our Executive Team
Massil Beguenane

Massil is a fourth year Commerce student, specializing in Finance and majoring in Economics. Since his debut in university, Massil realized he had a keen interest in investing and so his pathway to finance took shape.

As the co-president, Massil collaborates with the other members and the executive team to lead the operations and the fund’s investments. The idea of starting this club first came to him over the summer while discussing with a couple of work colleagues about their university experience. He quickly realized most of them attributed their professional successes to co-curricular activities such as being part of a student club, thus decided to model a student initiative around his interests in business. The club now has 6 executives and is very excited to witness the growth of the fund this upcoming year.

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Nimisha Mundade

Nimisha is a fourth year Economics student. She moved to Canada three years ago from Switzerland to pursue her post-secondary education. 


Nimisha is largely responsible for the club's administrative operations, event planning, and marketing. Currently, her main focus is to grow the UTMCM's member base and collaborate with more sponsors to enhance the club's impact on the community.

In her free time, Nimisha likes to travel and explore the cultures, architecture and cuisines of new countries!

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Nicholas Bendici

Nicholas is a fourth year Commerce student, specializing in Finance and majoring in Economics. He is currently working for the University as a teaching assistant for Quantitative Methods in Economics. Within this course he teaches the importance of business analytics and econometric theory.

Along with UTMCM, Nicholas is also an executive on UTM Golf association where he gets to share his passion of golf through teaching the sport to other students.

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Fund Manager
Lukash Woychyshyn

Lukash is a fourth year Commerce student, specializing in Finance. Most of his personal investing focuses primarily on the energy and defense sectors and is grounded in a pragmatic approach to financial markets.


He currently works as a teaching assistant for Introductory Econometrics and Organizational Behavior at the University of Toronto. Lukash is also an avid scuba diver and rugby player. Feel free to ask him about matters related to investing, diving or rugby and he’ll be happy to answer.

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Fund Manager
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