Executive Team
Massil Beguenane

Massil is a fourth-year Commerce student, specializing in Finance and majoring in Economics. Since his debut in university, Massil realized he had a keen interest in investing and so his pathway to finance took shape.

As the co-president, Massil collaborates with the other members and the executive team to lead the operations and the fund’s investments. The idea of starting this club first came to him over the summer while discussing with a couple of work colleagues about their university experience. He quickly realized most of them attributed their professional successes to co-curricular activities such as being part of a student club, thus decided to model a student initiative around his interests in business. The club now has 6 executives and is very excited to witness the growth of the fund this upcoming year.

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Nimisha Mundade

Nimisha is a fourth-year Economics student. She moved to Canada three years ago from Switzerland to pursue her post-secondary education. 


Nimisha is largely responsible for the club's administrative operations, event planning, and marketing. Currently, her main focus is to grow the UTMCM's member base and collaborate with more sponsors to enhance the club's impact on the community.

In her free time, Nimisha likes to travel and explore the cultures, architecture and cuisines of new countries!

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Lukash Woychyshyn

Lukash is a fourth-year Commerce student, specializing in Finance. Most of his personal investing focuses primarily on the energy and defense sectors and is grounded in a pragmatic approach to financial markets.


He currently works as a teaching assistant for Introductory Econometrics and Organizational Behavior at the University of Toronto. Lukash is also an avid scuba diver and rugby player. Feel free to ask him about matters related to investing, diving or rugby and he’ll be happy to answer.

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Fund Manager
Nicholas Bendici

Nicholas is a fourth-year Commerce student, specializing in Finance and majoring in Economics. He started at UTM Capital Management as a Portfolio Manager for the Consumer Staples sector and now oversees all teams as the club's Fund Manager. 


He spent this past summer interning at the Bank of Montreal as a Financial Modelling Analyst in the Corporate Real Estate team. He has also worked for U of T as a teaching assistant for Quantitative Methods in Economics and Personal Finance. 

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Fund Manager
Aavaiz Raza

Aavaiz is a third-year Business student specializing in Management. He has always been interested about marketing because of his profound passion in Entrepreneurship. 

This past summer, Aavaiz interned with a VP from Morgan Stanley and that struck up his interest towards the financial services industry, specifically investment banking. 


In his free time, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing soccer and reading.

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Marketing Director
Christian Thormeyer

Christian is a third-year Business student, specializing in Management with a minor in Political Science.

He started at UTM Capital Management last year as an analyst in the Consumer Staples sector and this year is one of the two marketing directors. His main responsibilities include maintaining a web and social media presence for the club and for creating marketing materials for upcoming events. 

Outside of school and work, Christian has a passion for traveling, cooking, the outdoors, and being with his friends.

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Marketing Director
Portfolio Managers
Arya Chudasama

Arya is a fourth-year student specializing in Business Management. Arya moved to Canada from India to pursue his post-secondary education. During his time in University, Arya has worked for Deloitte and been the Finance director for the second largest academic society on campus, the Student Management Association. Currently he is Student Ambassador for LinkedIn at UTM and pursuing his CFA Level 1 in December.


Arya is an avid golfer and soccer player. Feel free to reach out to him if you want to discuss investing, golf or soccer he’ll be happy to chat.

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Portfolio Manager
Erfa Mahmood

Erfa is a third-year Commerce student, with a specialization in Finance, major in Economics, and a minor in Political Science.

Erfa moved to Canada from Dubai to pursue his higher education. He has been privately investing for the past 4 years and does not intend to stop anytime soon!

Feel free to reach out to him if you want to discuss investing, macroeconomics or public policy.

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Portfolio Manager
Morgan Sattler

Morgan is a fourth-year Commerce student, specializing in Finance and majoring in Economics. He currently works as an assistant at the Finance Learning Centre and also as a Teaching Assistant for Financial Modelling and Futures and Options Markets.


Morgan has always tried to do his best to contribute to UTM's business undergraduate community. Along with UTM Capital Management, he also serves as an executive for the UTM Society for Algorithmic Modelling and DECA UTM. 

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Portfolio Manager
Vlad Kovalenko

Vlad is fourth-year Commerce student, specializing in Finance and majoring in Economics. He is currently working at Semper8 Capital, where he supports the Managing Director in executing M&A and investment projects. Prior to that, Vlad worked as a Summer Analyst at Concorde Capital, a leading Ukrainian Investment Bank. He is also pursuing the CFA Level 1 in December and is a team leader for the CFA Equity Research Challenge.


Outside of school and work, Vlad enjoys running, playing soccer, volunteering and writing articles for Sell Side Handbook.

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Portfolio Manager
Yuriy Teodorovych

Yuriy is a first-year Commerce student, specializing in Finance and majoring in Computer Science.

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Portfolio Manager
Javier Lorenzana

Javier is a second-year commerce student, specializing in finance with a double major in economics and philosophy. 


He moved to Canada from the Philippines to pursue his post-secondary education. Last summer, he worked at the Philippine Digital Asset Exchange (PDAX) as a finance intern and market analyst. 


Outside of school and work, he’s a constant learner. He loves to read books on business, philosophy, and technology.

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Nicholas Gondzik

Nicholas is a third-year Commerce student, specializing in Finance and majoring in Economics. He has a deep passion for finance and investing and is returning to UTMCM for his second year.  After completing his undergraduate degree, he is striving to enrol in a Master of Financial Risk Management to acquire a more comprehensive breadth on how to mitigate and deal with financial risk.

Outside the finance lab, Nicholas spends most of his time outdoors, either biking, snowboarding or going on a  hike.

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Nicholas Tymko

Nicholas is a third-year Commerce student, specializing in Finance. He prides himself on maintaining a balanced skill set; he possesses good people skills as well as excellent analytical capabilities. At school, his favourite topics are investments, international and labour economics, and corporate finance.

During his summers at university, he has interned at CI Investments and Assante Wealth Management as a business analyst. After graduation, Nicholas hopes to pursue a career in financial services and attain an MBA designation. Outside of school, Nicholas is interested in fitness, hiking, travel, and golf! 

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Raunaq Rohile

Raunaq is a second-year Commerce student, specializing in Finance. He joined UTM Capital Management in 2018 as a member and is excited to return this year as an associate. Currently, he is also a member of the IMI Competition Group and a Research Assistant at the Career Center.


Raunaq also has experience working at KPMG as an Audit Intern in the Infrastructure, Government and Healthcare industry. In his free time, Raunaq enjoys going to the gym, listening to podcasts and re-re-watching shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation.

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Robert Boronea

Robert is a second-year Commerce student, specializing in Finance.


He has a passion for finance and likes to problem solve in a forward-thinking manner. Last summer, he worked as a finance manager for a government non-profit organization in Windsor.


Outside of the classroom, he has an interest in automotives, sports, and cooking. He is also an avid competitive swimmer.

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